Validating volatile and avoidant couples #1 adult chat avenue

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Honestly I'd be inclined to throw all that crap out, a marriage works if it works.

I know that sounds silly but it is true, you'll run into couples that defy all the official "rules" of marriage.... Gottmans prediction rate (for divorce) is 90 or 85 or 94 percent accurate (depending on the study)" So he's still wrong some of the time. PURPOSEFULLY inject negative interactions to align with some goofballs formula. John Gottman has been conducted research on couples for over 40 years.As a result of Gottman’s research in the love lab, he has categorized couples into five distinct types.The point I was trying to make was to have a lot of positive interactions. I'm not sure what healthy anger is exactly though."Criticism" in the popular sense as you describe it doesn't always line up with how a researcher or clinician is using the term--like "depression," which can mean different things when I say "I'm depressed" vs. Not criticizing means not calling names, belittling, blaming the other person, etc.I thought normally couples would have trouble having enough positive interactions to meet the 5:1 ratio. 13. Gottman’s 35 years of research into two key findings, what would they be? It doesn't mean you can't talk about the negative effects you experience from the other person's behavior--"When you do X, I feel Y" or "When you do X, I see these consequences." This plays out really differently from "You're a loser and I feel sorry for whoever's stuck marrying you next!

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