Tip on blind dating

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You have no idea what to expect, but whatever it is, it is something you have to endure for the rest of the evening. Today we’re bringing you a set of fabulous tips for a perfect blind date experience.

The most important thing to remember while blind dating is concerned is that it is equally awkward for both of you!

The whole purpose of being on this blind date is to get to know each other and you aren't going to achieve that if you don't listen.

But more to the point, by listening and genuinely responding to questions rather than just trying to force the conversation on unnaturally, you will find it all flows much more smoothly and it all seems a lot more natural.

But if you don’t let little bit of awkwardness get in the way, blind dating is as thrilling a thought as they come.

Yet somehow, something always goes disastrously wrong.

A great strategy then is to research your blind date by looking at their Facebook which is easy as long as you have their name.You’ll both be relaxed and happy in each other’s company within moments of meeting each other.Blind dates are a little like the lottery the odds of meeting someone that's perfect for us that we would want to date are roughly equal to those of getting the right numbers for the lottery.Instead then you need something again like bowling which has a definite beginning and a definite end.This then means that you both know when to leave and it doesn't feel awkward excusing yourselves.

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