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SCCM has the ability to deploy Microsoft patches as well as third party patches to machines with the SCCM client installed. There is a package, collection, advertisement, and AD group.The components used in patching within SCCM are: Once implemented in production, by default an OU administrator won’t have to do anything to have a machine added to the WSUS – Early/Normal/Late collection based up on the targeted group currently assigned to a machine by a GPO.System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Config Mgr) delivers a variety of configuration management and system support services via a flexible and distributed architecture.The product utilizes standards-based network protocols and object models for its internal working and interaction with client systems.

The Publishing tab in an Active Directory site's Properties dialog box can show only the current site and its child sites.It also examines how sites replicate data and content.Finally, it presents examples of how you can use Config Mgr status messages and logs along with some other tools to drill down into the inner workings of Configuration Manager.Instead, this method discovers network locations that are configured in Active Directory and can convert those locations into boundaries for use throughout your hierarchy.When this method runs, it searches the local Active Directory forest, each trusted forest, and each additional forest that you configure in the Active Directory Forests node of the Configuration Manager console.

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