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Stop waiting for dating to receive an email from that young and hot Russian girl, you have been dreaming about! Open chat rooms and communicate with Russian ladies directly.Start a live conversation and see someones beautiful smile!A similar story was seen with another risqué social media site, Humaniplex.This breach was a case where unencrypted credentials were stolen and trafficked on the black market.Luckily, most of the data has never been used against the various sites' customers for blackmail – until now. Would it embarrass a number of prominent individuals?I first spoke about the idea of a "social ripple" in 2007, after identifying a number of security flaws within one of the biggest dating web sites. Would it sway focus in the workplace from business issues to personal issues, leaving companies floating temporarily without guidance? It is an uncomfortable thought that most dating sites have already been breached, and that your dating info may already be stolen.

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Millions of users' records, conversations, private thoughts, desires and wishes go from mildly protected websites right into the hackers' archives.

Unfortunately for many love and lust seekers, hackers are naturally attracted to dating websites for a variety of reasons and they do not stop to read about the security and privacy of a site – they just try to exploit it. Firstly, dating site users are primary targets for many typical types of spam, whether it is weight loss, libido boosters or pornography.

They host user information to give spammers a better chance of finding their targets, as they store attributes like gender, age and body shape.

What would happen if people's dating messages become public? And it is especially difficult to realise how many of your personal thoughts and desires could be used against you, even years after you shared them in a place you thought was a private and secure environment. Whether it takes place in some of the more immoral forms or not, it is an integral part of our culture.

As long as there is perceived value in dating sites' data, there will be malicious individuals wanting to exploit them.

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