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Below, the crew shares dating tips for trans people."Only disclose your gender identity if you are interested. I don't ever want to be a gender professor so I make sure my men are at least somewhat informed about what they're obviously attracted to." Isis "Figure out who you are before dating.most posts will focus on gender & sexuality; trans, queer & feminist politics; music & performance; and other stuff that interests or concerns me.find out more about my various creative endeavors at This last weekend, I finally got around to reading Janet Mock’s recent essay How Society Shames Men Dating Trans Women & How This Affects Our Lives (note: there is also an excellent interview that includes her and Laverne Cox on Huff Post Live discussing the same issue).When it comes to sexual and romantic interactions — from dance parties to apps — a majority of the time I have to do a little trans 101.Cisgender gay men seem to lack an understanding of trans etiquette and manners.Text or email photos of whom ever you are dating including some conversation you have had with the person to someone you trust." Laith "It's not really much different from anyone else. As a bisexual trans man who passes, I deal with a lot of "surprise" reactions from all sorts of people when I reveal my status.

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Mock’s piece rightfully points out how the public’s shaming of men who are attracted to trans women—e.g., by insulting their manhood, or presuming that they are closeted gay men—undermines our identities too, as the underlying assumption is that we must be “fake women” or “really men.”Mock’s essay is very timely, as it shines light onto what I feel has become a huge gaping hole in trans activism.

Transgender is not a category of music or a physical activity.

It's fine to have preferences but you just spoke to me as if I was an inanimate object.

Yes, failing to perform beauty has severe repercussions for all women. Let Trans Women Like Things Because we are alternately fetishized or delegitimized depending on how well and exactly what degree we perform femininity for y’all, I would like everyone to lay off us and let us choose for ourselves where we want to land.

But for us, those repercussions are particularly severe. But it can be a choice between safety and violence. We have the same complicating factors that all women have when choosing how we want to participate in patriarchy and objectification.

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