Current liquidating margin

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The main components which are the deciding factors when it comes to the rate of interest are weather the loan provided is secured or unsecured.Unsecured loans have a higher rate of interest as the risk of repayment is higher since there is no security; however secured loans have a lower rate of interest.100% coverage: An Avanse education loan means we completely fund your course fee living expense during your period of study, as well as guarantee timely payment to the institute. Sensitive Solutions: We understand that each student, or university or curriculum or country may not necessarily have the requirements.Which is why we provide customized solutions with flexibility in loan structuring. While we hand-hold you through the loan process, we also insist on instilling a sense of responsible borrowing to the students by highlighting the importance of maintaining a good credit history.Intelligent partnership: Avanse has collaborated with the cream of institutes, universities and consultants.

The rate of interest that Avanse provides education loans at is 12.75% and may increases cases to case basis.Education loans have helped several aspiring students across the nation to fulfil their aspirations and dreams to study abroad.All one needs to do is, keep their GRE/GMAT scores in hand, their university admit letter, and their mark sheets.Total Student Support: Lack of funds should be the last reason to further your dream of higher education.At Avanse we take pride in the fact that we have nurtured and financed meritorious students, who would have foregone a confirmed admission due of lack of funds.

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