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This commemorates the occasion in 1955 when space aliens were said to have landed deep in America’s Bible belt.The local pastor has said: “I don’t know whether the green men are coming back but I know the Son of Man is coming back.”Writing of the 1133AD total eclipse in England, historian William of Malmesbury wrote: “The darkness was so great that people at first thought the world was ending.”Well, it didn’t. On religious website Unsealed we learn that God is delivering a message coded round the number 33.Total eclipse occurs when the moon comes into a position where it masks Earth from the sun.The sun is completely obscured, the sky goes dark and the temperature drops by 10 to 15 degrees.In ancient times the Babylonians believed eclipses were the wrath of the gods directed against their kings so when one was imminent they put a temporary king in place to take the hit for the real one.It seems highly unlikely that on August 21 the pious, fair, debonair President Donald J Trump will be pacified, shocked to death or substituted.

If you are outside it you will see only a partial eclipse, a relatively piffling experience.It’s the only word a whole generation of Americans (and then some) have to describe almost anything even slightly unusual or good.What once was “remarkable” or “wonderful” and in hippy times was “mind-blowing” or “far out” (and you do have to admit the sun is literally far out) this August 21 will only be “awesome”.NASA is sending two jets, once used to monitor space-shuttle launches, with high-speed video cameras to follow the path and capture the movements of the corona’s filaments. Those planes will fly above the clouds but for the earthbound a cloudy day will diminish or even kibosh the experience.In August 1999 south Cornwall experienced totality. He had seen seven total eclipses but none with such a leaden sky.

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